Olympic Games 2024: the Beauty of Paris in the spotlight

Olympic Games 2024: the beauty of Paris in the spotlight

Throughout the summer of 2024, Paris will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. An event that requires a great deal of organization and the setting up of numerous infrastructures to seize this growth gas pedal.

The promotion of French heritage

This world event will put the spotlight on the different historical places of Paris. The Grand Palais will be renovated to host the fencing and taekwondo competitions during the 2024 Olympic Games. This will increase its capacity and improve the experience of visitors who come each year to the immense nave and the exhibition halls. The Concorde, a legendary square in Paris, will also be transformed into an urban park where BMX freestyle, breaking, skateboarding and 3×3 basketball events will take place. A temporary venue will also be built on the emblematic avenue of the Champs-de-Mars to host beach volleyball competitions in an idyllic setting.

Paris and its numerous existing infrastructures

One of the reasons why Paris was chosen as the host city for the 2024 Olympic Games is that the majority of the infrastructure is already built. Indeed, 95% of the Olympic venues already exist, including the Parc des Princes for soccer, the AccorArena for basketball, gymnastics and wheelchair basketball, and volleyball, table tennis, weightlifting and para-table tennis at Paris Expo. Paris wanted to put the Olympic Games in the heart of the city, allowing spectators and athletes to enjoy the beauty of its heritage, which is known throughout the world. Most of the new facilities will be built in Seine-Saint-Denis, with an aquatic center near the Stade de France, a sports hall at Porte de La Chapelle and an athletes' village on the Île Saint-Denis and in Plaine Saint-Denis. The envelope allocated to these new infrastructures amounts to only 6.6 billion euros while comparatively, the Olympic Games of Beijing cost 31 billion euros.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly facilities

The 2024 Olympic Games are an opportunity to accelerate the development of many sectors. The new sports venues can continue to be used after the Olympics and will promote sport in France. The facilities are designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly with adaptation to the impacts of climate change, respect for the principles of responsible sourcing, a commitment against food waste, a goal of producing no waste during the event and the use of environmentally friendly vehicles to transport athletes. Michaël Aloïsio, chief of staff at the 2024 Games organizing committee, said: "We tried to build a project that would be useful to Seine-Saint-Denis. We want each equipment to be built first for the people and not for the Games. We want them to have a local use. We want every euro invested to serve the population." This will also allow the creation of 150,000 jobs, a third of which in Seine-Saint-Denis, a non-negligible parameter in the apprehension of these future Olympic Games.

A positive impact on real estate

The 2024 Olympic Games will also create real estate. To begin with, the Olympic Village will be transformed into 2,200 usable homes by the end of 2024. Then, the Grand Paris, a development project of the Parisian agglomeration will be accelerated to be ready for the future competition. This event will put the city of Paris in the spotlight and could encourage foreign investors to settle in the capital. The biggest impact will be, without a doubt, on the seasonal rentals with countless tourists coming during and after the Olympic Games.